Saturday, July 21, 2012

JULY 2012 UPDATE! Contest Prizes I've won, and future post topics!

Howdy all! I am not going to insult anyone by apologizing for my absence. I am the first one to say to anyone else - never ever apologize for living your life!  We all have the best of intentions to keep up with either our vlogging or blogging ... however LIFE does have a habit of poking it's head in and say heyhey come out and play = work, kids, partners, pets, grocery shopping etcetc!

I have been very busy over the past several  months working in house with a 15 year old boy, and his father. It was very enjoyable until the father forgot that I'm not his wife, his mother, or his sister.  I finally stood up to him and voila .. end of contract!  Grrrr.

Never mind .. I am worth far more than what this man has to offer, and I must carry on .. move forward and all that!

I did enjoy my limited personal time! ... shopping for longed for beauty products ... whether it be skin care, cosmetics, accessories (I am probably more into accessories that I am about clothing) and some clothing!

I am big fan of blog sales and certain eBay sites (ones that I know are reputable and only sell authentic high end products - where I remember I will link below each product if purchased from eBay or a blog sale/YouTube user). I also go through phases of being trapping by the Shopping Channel online ... though I must say, much like the US site QVC or HSN, you can take advantage of some fantastic budget wise kits or sales.  That's my excuse and I'm stickin' to it!

I also am very lucky to have made some lovely friends on YouTube, who have been very kind in helping me acquire products that are either only or are currently only available in the US or the UK.  As I go through my haul, I'll credit each and every one of these beautiful women ... and I ain't talkin' about their physical beauty eitha!

Where oh where does one begin! I am going to do several posts, what I've purchased from blog sale, or eBay, or The Shopping Channel, what friends have purchased on my behalf, swap hauls and just plain ole' hauls ... so much easier on the eye! lol. oxo


Let's start with a couple of contests that I won ... lucky me!

The first one was from BELLE BELLE Beauty's blog ...  I so enjoy Lindsay's blog - she keeps up with the latest in both budget and high end skin care, hair care, cosmetic and nail care products.  I won a Cover FX Compact foundation ... a product that I have coveted since I had a makeover done at Curlique in Vancouver, in February of this year.  The makeup artist used both Cover FX and Kevyn Aucoin products on my skin and for my makeup as both brands have oil free products, well suited to my skin type.  You are given a face chart with all of the products used written on the chart, in the event that you wish to purchase any of them from Curlique that day, or for future purchase use.  The Cover FX Compact Foundation was on the top of my 'to get' list ... and I am truly chuffed to have won this excellent product!  Thank you so much Lindsay, and COVER FX who so kindly sponsored the giveaway:) 


I then won again, the much lauded Urban Decay's Naked Palette. Now, I was really rolling in the UD NP, having also just bought two, each in individual blog sales but this was NEW .. never touched, wrapped in cellophane ... ah the joy!  There is nothing like unwrapping a new product:)  I have sold one of the other NP's and the other other is up for sale in my BLOG SALE (Take a look at the many products on sale there!)

Don't forget ... pop on over to Lindsay's site and subscribe!!,default,pd.html


I also won a Royal & Langnickel Professional Brush Kit in a contest . from the beautiful Jennifer's YouTube channel.

Check out Jennifer's channel  Thank you so much! I haven't used it as yet, but plan on doing so this weekend ... time to clean all of my other brushes! so it's fortunate that I have this lovely set to use in the meantime!  Please check out ..........'s channel - she is bright, upbeat, straight up and does reviews on a broad range of products - skin care, hair care, cosmetics and accessories .. and much more:)  Check out Jennifer's blog as well!


Ok that's it for this post! I'll be writing about what I've purchased from various blog sales over the past several months!