Friday, May 7, 2010

Affordable Foundation and Concealer Brushes

I have taken copious notes, from watching many many YT makeup guru tutorials, and reviews on which brushes to use, and which are the best ones. Now I agree that purchasing quality is preferrable, but what do you do when you are on a budget and just can't afford a MAC brush? but still want your foundation and or your concealer to look as flawless as possible?

AllThatGlitters21 recommended that you can find serviceable brushes at Michaels' Craft Store, and that is exactly where I went!

I purchased the short artists' brushes (see photo) and I am happy to say that I am finding both brushes to be excellent for their individual purpose.

There is no shedding, they feel lovely and soft on my skin and do a fantastic job at covering my skin with both products to an almost air-brushed quality.

So before you go out and spend $30 - $80 on a MAC brush, when you truly can't afford it, take a trip to your local Michael's, or any craft store and pick up a couple of flat brush artist's brushes. You'll spend significantly less, and you will have the same flawless look! and maybe even enough left over to get that nail polish or eyeshadow you've been wanting!

** I would like to one day get the Sigma Professional Brushes, as they are half the price of one MAC brush, for a full set of professional makeup artist brushes. I'll have to wait til my piggy bank is better filled! Until then I am happy with the ones I have :)


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