Thursday, May 13, 2010

Plus Size Fashion and Links

I was browsing the other day for something casual to wear over my footless tights - which are a staple of my wardrobe, especially in the summer. They are so easy to carry in my purse, and pull on when the air gets a bit cooler in the evening, under whatever I'm wearing (usually a dress or long white shirt).

Now, I have one of the bodies that is deemed apple shaped. The Goddess above did not bless me with large breasts, and instead, seemed to have miscalculated her dimensions ... so I swear my large breasts are my stomach and vice versa!

So finding clothes that fit my body can be challenging. I am a size 12 upper, and my lower body is 12 -14 but my waist makes it that I have to look at size 18!!! Well, if you've been through this, you will know that sure it fits my waist, but then I've got this enormous airy pocket of fabric around my hips and crotch!! Sigh.

Then I came upon a wonderfully cheery woman on YT, and whoever you are, if you recognize yourself in this blog please let me know so that I can credit you with providing the links that I going to post here! She did alot of work in finding these links and posting them, so I want to ensure that you get to know her and check out her channel!

Fashion is fun, and it is fun for all women of all shapes and sizes. I have never subscribed to that theory that larger ladies have to wear black (though I happen to quite like the black/white look myself!) or caftans or mom jeans! Big, bold, bright and crazy patterns are for all of us! Are you listening designers that only create clothing for women whose dress size is the same size as my ankle!!!!

Please do check out these links, let me know if you find something fabulous or tweet me @CaresBeautyBlog and let's share the look so other women can be fabulous as well!

And if you know who the lovely woman on YouTube is that posted these links originally, please let me know asap!


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