Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cellex - C Products - Lovelovelove them!

Just before my 50th birthday, whilst looking in the mirror, bemoaning the wrinkles around my eyes, I suddenly noticed with dismay, the folds of skin on my neck that were threatening to fold over on each other!

EEK! Noooooooooooo! Not turkey neck!

Off I ran and I mean ran! to my local beautician's shop, looking for something that would either stop this sure sign of OLD! or at least delay it somewhat.

I had recalled another 'older' friend of mine lauding CELLEX-C, Advanced-C Neck Firming Cream. Woohoo, there was one jar left!

$100.00 Cdn. lighter in the bank balance, I went home with this elixir of youth, praying to the Goddess that this would at least provide me with some source of comfort, and more, that this product would do as the product brochure stated it would.

After washing my face, I admit I used a tad more than recommended (more is more right?) and realising that a watched pot never boils, I engaged myself in other actitivies (eyebrow plucking, shaving my legs) and quite frankly, forgot about my 'turkey neck' because I became so upset at the ridges in my toenails! Where the heck did they come from!

Later that evening, I was brushing my teeth when my eyes noticed that my neck no longer looked like the sleeve of a crepe dress, and that the skin looked plump and essentially wrinkle free!

I nearly cried with joy! I suddenly felt about 10 years younger, and relieved that my investment had not disappointed.

Though it is a pricey product, I am now on my second jar, and I lovelovelove it. My skin feels silky and soft once the cream has saturated into my skin, and the wrinkles? Barely there!

You can order all of the Cellex line here:

I can't say enough positive things about how well Cellex-C Neck Firming Cream has worked for me!

If you have tried their products, let me know how they worked for you !


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