Thursday, May 6, 2010

"If You Have to Cry Go Outside" Kelly Cutrone

This is a book that I had been wanting ever since I had heard that Kelly Cutrone had written it! I think there was a three gap between it coming out and my seeing it and prioritizing it over the chocolate bars and extra junk food in my shopping basket!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough - to any woman, of any age, in any situation! Her wicked, sarcastic wit will have you laughing in spite of yourself.

Her loving approach to the education and rearing of her daughter Ava makes me mourn for the mother I never had (I do have a living mother but she was completely the opposite of Kelly - the man comes first while you verbally berate him to everyone around, and depend on him financially even though you are the major breadwinner)- here's a little snippet on Kelly's succumbing to having Disney videos in her home - Kelly's way!

"I eventually adopted an "If you can beat 'em, join 'em" attitude about the whole thing. I'd say things to Ava like, "What do you think would happen if Belle didn't meet the Beast? Would she still be living in the castle?"
"No," Ave would say.
"Because it's the Beast's castle!"
"But don't you think maybe Belle could've bought her own castle too?"

The story of Kelly's journey to becoming one of the most powerful woman in her business, and in fact, just in business itself, was and is for me after reading this book, a friendly kick in the ass to get on out there and don't let anyone push me around. Being a self employed business person has it's ups and downs, and for that past three years personally, there have been what I have felt, more than my fair share of downs! lol

If you love a woman who can hold her own, make it in this world on her own terms, and still be ethical, loving and kind then this is the book for you!

It's available at Chapters, Canadian Superstore, and of course online at Amazon.

$13.99 plus s/h.

Let me know how you enjoyed it (or not and why :)).


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