Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Review of OPI's "Sapphire in the Snow' Nail Polish

Due to the lawsuit launched by OPI against E-tailers that have been fraudulently selling OPI polishes at discount prices, many of us innocent consumers are being punished with OPI now making their products higher in price, and completely unreasonable shipping/handling charges.

I have stated that I wouldn't purchase OPI polishes until this was resolved and we could look forward to purchasing a reasonably priced polish again.

Well sue me! lol. I relented only because this polish was priced at $2.99 Cdn. plus taxes.

I was attracted immediately to the gorgeous purple colour, the bottle laying amidst other OPI polishes in a small basket on the lower shelf of the polish section at my local drugstore.

I talked myself into it only because of the awesome price!

Once home, I had to try it. I sadly removed my Sally Hansen Jade polish, but with some excitement, polished my nails with the stunning purple. I noted that it took two coats to cover my nails, where the Sally Hansen only takes one.

"Ok, well it's a different consistency", I said to myself.

Yesterday, after doing dishes and doing a very minimal clean of my bathroom, I saw that the OPI has worn off at the tips of my nails. Hmm. I wore the Sally Hansen polish for five days before it began to show signs of wear.

Later yesterday evening, I saw now that I had to do another layer of OPI to cover what had worn off. I also noticed that a couple of the nails also weren't solidly coloured and one could actually see light from the other side of the nail.

I painted another coat over all 10 nails, hoping that this would perhaps helps in it's wearability factor.

Nope. I did minimum work with my hands today, and I now find that I either have to put another coat on, or simply take it all off and redo.

Final opinion? I am not one for base or top coats. I don't have the time more often than not, nor the patience. This OPI will definitely require at minimum a top coat to prevent wearing.

I am still preferring the Sally Hansen Instant Dry for its colour and durability but I am willing to do the top coat over the OPI and see how that works :) For 2.99 I think I can handle a bit of top coat!

I'll keep you posted!

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