Thursday, May 6, 2010

EEEK! What do you mean I have menopausal acne?!!!!!

Ah yes the joys of the dreaded M stage of one’s life. Never mind the increased sense of bitchiness, the tiredness, aching bones and joints or feeling that senility is now a way of life! What made me the most depressed was that for the first time since adolesence, I now suffer from what I simply thought was pimply skin.
It seems to be the worst under my chin or around the edges of my lips. I initially thought it was due to the plucking of those glorious thick black hairs that had mysteriously started to appear (joy oh bloody joy!)
I tried everything I could think of. Herbal salves, natural healing lotions that contained chamomile, a toner that I had been using for years from Yves Roche – nothing! was helping.
One day I went up to the local drugstore, and fortunately an acquaintance of mine happened to be working in the cosmetic section. I asked her where I could find either hydrogen peroxide or saline solution. She asked me what it was for and I told her.
Well .. lol she rather indelicately said oh yes I noticed that you have an issue going on with your skin – I mean how could anyone not when my chin looked like mosquitoes had had been having a feast on my skin!
She said ever so matter of factly that it was “menopausal acne”! I nearly fainted in disbelief and just looked at her with obvious dismay. “No way” I declared. She laughed and told me it is very common and very easy to treat and cure.
First step is to wash your skin thoroughly with an antiseptic cleanser. For me she recommended Spectro Gel cleanser twice a day, morning and night.
Second step was to use the Avene Toner (as shown in thumbnail to the left) after washing my skin.
The Spectro Gel is about 10.99 plus taxes, and the Avene Toner is about 23.99 plus taxes. (at Pharamave Drugstores).
I was so grateful to have found firstly someone who knew what I was suffering from, and second that I had been saved from burning my skin off with an inappropriate product! lol.
I went home and that evening, did as she directed. I continued to this for a couple of days, and on the third day I was pleased to see that all but the very minor of the spots and acne had disappeared! None of the redness remained and my skin once again felt soft and without bumps.
So, for those of you that are suffering from ‘menopausal acne’ or breakouts due to hormonal imbalances or PMS, I would recommend both of these products without hesitation.
* I did later find that the Avene toner and other Avene products can be purchased at London Drugs for about $2 less than Pharmasave, and they often are on sale, with gift additions for some of the products.
Happy Skin Care ladies!

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